These brand and copy guidelines demonstrate the correct way for partners and organizations to apply the Parax brand. Keeping the Parax brand and naming conventions consistent across all platforms, results in greater clarity, trust, and usage of parax tokens.

You may use Parshrax Cloud Storage Solutions LLP (“PCSS LLP”) trademarks, which include Parax’s word marks and logos (“Trademark(s)” or “Parax Trademarks”), only in compliance with these guidelines. Except as expressly stated in these guidelines or the terms of other agreements between you and Parax, no other rights are granted to you.

When using Parshrax Trademarks that incorporate designs, such as its logos, the Trademark images must be copied from materials supplied by Parshrax, such as those available for download above. The appearance of the Trademark logos may not be altered without Parshrax’s permission and the display of logo images must be clear and undistorted.

Parshrax reserves the right to object to any use of its Trademarks that it considers unlawful or improper, even if the use is not prohibited by these guidelines. You agree to immediately cease use of Parshrax’s Trademarks upon receiving notice of Parshrax’s objection to your use.

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