High Returns

High ReturnsParshrax is a Proven Blockchain Digital Coin.

  • As discussed earlier Parshrax is a virtual or reward benefit coin used for giving discounts and rewards. Users can also earn and can be benefited by earning high returns from Parshrax.
  • The first part is the referral system with 5 levels of earnings. Anyone can refer a user to Parshrax and earn a percent of ParshRax.
  • The next part is where the user can hold Parax coins for minimum of 1year or more periods and get bonus of 15-24 coins per year as per the slab shown below.
  • Parshrax coin can be used in all platforms for discounts and rewards and is accessible anywhere in the world.
  • This is beneficiary for both entrepreneur and individuals.

  • Used For Data Security
  • High Returns
  • Huge Discount
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